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4007918 Titrette® SH, accord. to Soxhlet-Henkel


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4007918 Titrette® SH, accord. to Soxhlet-Henkel

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Bottle top burette Titrette®

Titrette® - The next generation digital burette!
With the Titrette® bottle-top burette, you can titrate quickly and reliably with highest precision, even in close quarters, with no mains supply needed - in the lab, in production, or in the field!

High accuracy
- precise titration within the error limits of Class A for glass burettes
Smooth-running operation
- for sensitive, drop-wise titration
Compact design
- light and stable
Easy Handling
- no switching between ''fill'' and ''titrate''
Simple maintenance
- cleaning and parts replacement right in the lab
- Titrette® SH to determinate the acid content of milk and liquid dairy according to Soxhlet-Henkel (4 °SH = 1ml)

Smooth operation
The large, easy-grip hand wheels are conveniently easy to turn. With the optimized gear ratio, you can fill the device quickly and titrate drop-wise with great sensitivity.

Class? Like Class A!
The Titrette® bottle-top burette has an innovative new measuring system which matches the Class A accuracy of glass burettes and, if needed, can offer the precision of 3 decimal places below 20ml. This is an important feature for users who need to work within the Class A error limits as with glass burettes according to DIN EN ISO 385 (e.g., pharmaceutical work):

Lightweight and compact!
All components only move within the housing, saving room on top. The compact design and the light-weight ensure good stability. The titrating tube can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. This provides flexibility when positioning the instrument, e.g., when using a magnetic stirrer or different bottle sizes.

Items supplied: Titrette® bottle-top burette, conformity certified, performance certificate, telescoping filling tube (170 to 330 mm), recirculation tube, 2 x 1.5V batteries (AAA/UM4/LR03), 3 x PP bottle adapters (GL45/32, GL 45/S40 and GL32/NS 29/32), 2 coloured light shield inspection windows, operating manual.
Volume °SH (25) ml
Accuracy £ ± A% (max. vol.) 0.07
Reproducibility £ ± V% (max. vol.) 0.025
Interface without