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Dräger Tubes® The Dräger Tubes® measuring system is the safe method for measurin pollutants in the soil, water and air. More than 500 substances can be measuredi varying concentrations. The long-established principle of Dräger Tubes® is still he same . A defined volume of gas/air must be pumped through the sampling tube.Th s can be achieved by using the Accuro® gas pump. On contact with the substanceun er test the reagent system contained in the tube reacts and displays a colour. T e strength of the concentration of the substance is shown by the length ofthecol ur band displayed and can be read directly from the scale. The Dräger-Tubes®samp ing system provides accuracy, economy, efficiency, quick and easy handling.Over 50 tubes are available on request for all substances and measuringfields.Further sampling devices, diffusion tubes for long-term measurements as well as sampling systems with activated carbon tubes, ORSA collector and TDS thermodesorption tub s are also available. Type Ac

Producent Dräger Safety
UNSPSC Kode 41116116 Miljøanalyse testkit og forbrugsstoffer
stk./pk 10
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