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Single channel microliter pipettes Acura® electro XS 926 / 936, variable

Microprocessor-controlled instrument line featuring intuitive software avoiding any complicated programming steps. No particular skills are required to get quick access to six working modes and many volumes to select from. Unsurpassed metrological performance and stability.

Pipetting modes:

  • Forward: aspiration and pipetting of set volume
  • Reverse: aspiration in excess, followed by dosing of set volume
  • Stepper: tip filling and step-by-step distribution
  • Dilution: aspiration of 2 or 3 different volumes for restitution in one shot
  • Tactile: "start-stop-start" slow liquid measurement, titration and gel loading
  • Mixing: "Up and down" liquid flow

The Acura® electro features:

  • Optimal ergonomics, light weight
  • Easy, intuitive, self-teaching programme
  • Large display, reversible right / left reading
  • Swift-interchange battery pack
  • Fast charge, long working autonomy
  • Adjustable tip ejector fitting most tips
  • Pipetting cycle counter
  • Interchangeable volumetric modules
  • Two years warranty

Supplied with: Electronic pipette with 4.8V battery, operating instructions and QC certificate, Qualitips® pipette tips samples, silicone grease

Producent Socorex
UNSPSC Kode 41121507 Elektroniske enkeltkanalpipetter
stk./pk 1
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