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Aksel R 50 til T 50 basic

Varenr. 9571350

Special dispersing heads for disperser T50 basic

R 50 ''high speed'' stirring shaft
Using the R 50 stirring shaft, the T50 basic is quickly converted into a high speed stirrer. 700W power and 10000rpm are provided for rapid mixing, dissolving, and breaking up pigment agglomerates. The conical shaft is supported by means of ball bearings, the mixing elements have a screw connection. For operational safety a protective cage is fitted around the mixing element.
S 50 N - W 80 SMK Jet mixer head
For shortening mixing and dissolving times. The vertical flow and the high tangential speed, up to 10000rpm, ensure intensive mixing. The head is used for adding gases or liquids, for lump-free suspension of difficult to dissolve powders or for dissolving sedimented, accreted substances.
S 50 N - W 65 SK Cutting head
To crush large pieces (up to 50mm) of fibrous materials, such as plant matter, vegetables and fruit.
Type R 50
Max. immersion depth 180 mm
Working volume 0.25 to 30 l

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