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Aluminiumslåg, sort, anodiseret, til paraffinbade

Varenr. 9905951

Tissue Float Bath 1052

Special bath to stretch and dry cut tissue samples embedded in wax, in histological, chemical, clinical and bacteriological laboratories. Temperature range from approx. 5 °C above ambient to approx. +80 °C. Precise temperature regulation, consistently &plusminus;0.5 °C, ensures evenly stretched cuttings which are clearly visible in the black anodized bath. The cuttings are carefully dried on the warmed rim of the bath which is also black anodized. Comfortable and safe working due to low bath height of 100mm.
Bath interior made of black anodised aluminium. Housing in powder-coated aluminium. A control thermometer is fixed to rim of the bath within a stainless steel holder. Tested according to the German Equipment Safety Law, with CE mark.
Temperature range:
Interior dimensions (Dia. x H): up to +80°C
200 x 60mm
Exterior dimensions (Dia. x H): 280 x 100mm
Supply requirement: 230V 50/60Hz, 0.3 kW (alternative voltages are available - details on request)
Weight: 2kg
Type Black anodised aluminium dust cover, 1950

Producent GFL
UNSPSC Kode 41102900 Histologiudstyr
stk./pk 1
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