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Analytical balances AET

  • 2 infrared sensors: to initiate functions such as TARE, zeroing, printing, starting or aborting adjustment, calling up database or menu and much more, without having to touch the balance
  • 3 rapid assign keys: for frequently recurring applications, functions, settings or memories
  • Difference calculation: Weighing a sample before and after a machining process and automatic output of the difference value
  • High level of connectivity: 1 x Ethernet, 2 x RS-232, 2 x USB, 1 x additional display, Digital I/O interface (4 in / 4 out)
  • Individual user settings can be stored: User name and number, Password, Authorizations, Menu language, User profile
  • Innovative touchscreen: Intuitive operation, increases efficiency and saves costs. Large backlit and touch-sensitive LCD with digit height 21mm, screen dimensions (W x H): 115 x 86mm, screen diagonal approx. 145 mm
  • Statistical function for statistical analysis of series of measurements. Graphic display of measurements can be used by the operator to check and evaluate the results
  • Intuitive pipette calibration in accordance with ISO 8655
  • Electronic level indicator continuously checks the position of the balance, sounds an alarm when the device is out of balance and gives visual instructions on how to correct the situation
  • Individual print formats: up to 16 printouts which can be edited easily at the PC
  • Convenient recipe-weighing: complete recipes with all recipe ingredients and associated target values, names, tolerances, tare weights etc. can be stored. If one recipe ingredient is more than it should be, then the practical back calculation function automatically calculates the new target weights of the other ingredients
  • Enormous database (1GB) with optional software, this can be filled in easily at the PC.
  • Data exchange via USB to download software updates, export weighing results, export/import databases, balance settings, data exchange between individual balances and much more


Kapacitet [g] 220 g
Aflæsning [mg] 0,1 mg
Linearitet ±0,3 mg
Reproducerbarhed 0,2
Vejeplade 85 mm
Producent Kern & Sohn
UNSPSC Kode 41111517 Analysevægte
stk./pk 1
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