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Application package photoLab® Brew, for series pho

Varenr. 9920080

photoLab® 6000 series for VIS and UV-VIS

Whether for water analysis, food and beverage or education and research applications, the photoLab® 6000 series is universally applicable and offers complete photometric functionality at an outstanding price: performance ratio and precision. Fast, routine measurement, as well as complex spectral analytics can be performed easily, supported by function keys F1-F4. The on-screen user guide almost replaces the operating manual. The photoLab® meters and the WTW Online-system IQ Sensornet are now interactively connected with the easy IQ-LabLink procedure for easy data referencing.

Routine Measurement:
- more than 150 methods for routine parameters
- barcode recognition for more than 150 cell and reagent test kits
- direct methods such as SAC at 436 and 254nm
Spectral Analysis:
- absorbance spectra
- kinetics
- multi wavelength measurement (e.g. for the wine industry)
- User defined methods and profiles
- PC software photoLab® Data spectral and application packages for brewing optional
- enhanced AQS with user administration for environmental analytics and industrial needs
- optional direct printing to PDF file
- extensive testing routines and optical testing equipment (optional)
- 4nm band pass
- wavelength accuracy / reproducability: 1nm / 0.5nm
- photometric reproducibility t &plusminus; 0.002 E @ 1 E (or better)
- photometric accuracy 0.003 for < 0.600E, 0.5% of result for 0.600 to 2.000E
- IQ-LabLink for easy data referencing with WTW-Online System IQ Sensornet
- update and data exchange via USB stick
- interfaces: USB-A, USB-B, RS232
- approx. 4 MB storage for 1000 measurement values and spectral data sets
- weight: 4 kg (allows onsite usage with car battery and optional WTW adapter cable)
Type photoLab® Brew
Description Application package brewery analysis for the photoLab® 6000 Series

Producent WTW
UNSPSC Kode 41115311 Photometers
stk./pk 1
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