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Bestemmelse af biologisk nedbrydning med ilt

Varenr. 9920605

Laboratory sewage plants, behrotest® According to DIN/DEV 38412 - L 24 and L 26 nd OECD 303 A (Coupled Units Test). Trolley mounted. All glassware is made of bo osilicate glass 3.3, with pumps for water transport and aeration, flow meters an storage containers. Model KPL 1 with jacketed Plexiglass containers allows the o erator to additionally investigate the influence of the water temperature on bio egradation. Laboratory sewage unit KLD 4 has an additional preliminary denitrifi ation stage, in which activated sludge is held under virtually anaerobic conditi ns. In this way the sludge is denitrified and certain wastewater pollutants arem re easily degraded. In combination with aeration, two stirrers prevent unwanteds udge deposits in the d enitrification stage and in the aeration vessel. The opera or can set the pumping and pause times for the return of the sludge to the denit ification vessel. Type KA 1/SR , Description Lab-scale waste watersystem, comple e with oxygen level control

Producent Behr Labor-Technik
UNSPSC Kode 47101514 Vandbehandlings udstyr
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