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BRANDplates®PS, 24 brønde, standard,cellGrade plus

Varenr. 6257629

BRANDplates® 24-well Standard-Plates or 6-well Plates

For manual and automated cell and tissue culture work.
Includes two different cell culture plates and two types of cell culture inserts, which can also be used in combination.

Quality features

    Sterile according to ISO 11 137 and AAMI-Guidlines, SAL 10-6

- Non cytotoxic according to ISO 10 993 5, endotoxin free (<0.01 EU/ml), free from DNA, DNase and RNase.

    Innovative, specially designed wells with side feeding ports,
    Manufactured according to the requirements in ANSI/SLAS Standards 1 and 4
    pureGrade™ S (untreated) and cellGrade™ plus (TC treated) surface


    Track-etched PC- und PET membranes
    Hanging inserts
    Perfect positioning in the plates via guide ridges
    cellGrade™ plus surface (TC treated)

BRANDplates® plates
Cell culture plates for insert strips

24-well Standard Plate
The plate includes 24 individually fillable wells that can be fitted with strips of 4 inserts and/or individual inserts.
6-well Special Plate
The 4 wells are all connected as one large, elongated well. This well can be fitted with a strip of 4 inserts so that all 4 of the inserts in the strip can be supplied with medium at the same time.

BRANDplates® Insert Strips and Insert System
Cell culture inserts, smooth walled

Cell culture inserts with Inlet Opening System*
With special inlet channels, for automated in vitro preparation of human tissues. The Inlet Opening System* enables rapid, consistent changing of media, from submersion culture to air-lift culture. The special inlet channels enable adjustment of the medium level without damage to the skin mode
PS. pureGrade™ S or cellGrade™ plus surface, sterile. In each case with lid with condensation rings.
Packaging: single packed, with lid.

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