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Flake ice makers with / without reservoir, air-cooled
Manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001. For preparing solid and saturated ice flakes of hygienic, 0.5°C cold ice. With eletronic control of the ice temperature. The units have a stainless steel housing and an antimicrobial coated interior. Air-cooled versions, with filter cleaning indication.

  • MF models without reservoir (please order separately).
  • AF models without drain pump
  • EF models standard with drain pump. The drain pump allows an installation or set-up without any drainage height or distance problems. Place your ice maker just where it is needed even lower than the actual drain outlet (can be up to 1.70m higher). Distance to drain outlet up to 15 meters. Drain can be placed up to 1.70 higher.

Also available with water-cooled compressor. Alternative models availlable on request. A specially built model for laboratory-grade water is available on request.

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