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Density Meter DS7800
Digital density meters with up to four decimal places for measuring density, relative density and concentration of aqueous solutions in a range of 0.0000 - 1.9999 g/cm³.
Calibration is performed with pure water and dry air.
An integrated SQL database stores up to 99 userdefined measurement methods and the last 999 measurement.

  • Density measurement based on the oscillating U-tube principle
  • Bright touchscreen display with intuitive operation in 6 languages
  • Very efficient integrated Peltier temperature regulation (10-40 °C) with high precision
  • Desiccation unit and peristaltic pump included
  • Can be filled using the integrated peristaltic pump or by injection
  • Resistance to samples: all parts that come into contact with samples are made of glass or PTFE
  • LUER or UNF couplings
  • Includes built-in air pressure sensor
  • USB interface for data export and firmware updates and for connecting keyboard or barcode scanner
  • RS-232 interface for serial printer
  • Ethernet interface for direct connection to a PC (with possibility of remote maintenance via internet)
  • PDF Export
  • Full cGMP/GLP capability: password protection, data backup, automatic printout or data output in CSV-Format
  • Meets the relevant international standards such as Pharmacopoe, OIML, ASTM
  • Calibration certificate in accordance with N.I.S.T.
  • IQ/OQ/PQ-start-ups possible
  • 3-year warranty on registration

Includes the following accessories

  • Desiccation cartridge
  • Rinsing and filling pump
  • Tube set - standard: 4 pc. adapter connection, Specimen tube, Pump tubing, 10 pc. syringe 5 ml Luer, 1 T-piece
  • Waste vessel
  • Operating manual
  • Test report and calibration certificate in accordance with N.I.S.T.


Producent A. Krüss Optronic
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