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Function upgrade for Huber circulators

E-grade - innovative activation keys for the functionality to suit your budget and process requirements

Every application requires particular functions. If the circulator is to be used in a range of applications it will generally require greater functionality. The required functionality grows with the complexity of the application. The innovative "E-grade" has the answer. Models with the Pilot ONE Controller have a comprehensive range of functions suited to the classical temperature control applications. The E-grade allows the functionality to be extended at any time to suit new process requirements and budget. E-grade stands for electronic upgrade and it is simple to do: To extend the functionality a unit specific code is entered via the controller. This code is specific to the serial number of the unit and is either already entered at the factory for new units or it can be activated at a later date. The code is sent by email. There is no requirement for a hardware or software update.

The new E-grade "Explore" for Unistats is more than just another functions package. It makes important information available to users of Unistat temperature control systems. Temperature values and temperature differentials as well as for the actual heating power, cooling power and pump power within the system are displayed on the touch-panel. E-grade "Explore" is an evolution of the existing Unistat technology. Existing sensors are utilised to make important process temperature and power data visible. In addition to making the data visible on the display of the device, it can
also be accessed via the digital interfaces for further processing.

Application examples for E-grade® "Explore":

  • Process and product development and optimisation
  • Use-Tests of raw materials, quality control
  • Enhanced data collection for scale-up trials


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