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Photometers, PhotoLab Series High-precision, laboratory photometers with multile el AQA / IQC functions. Feature easy operation, GLP-conforming documentation, si ultaneous turbidity measurement and compensation. Automatic check of the optical ystem a nd zeroing on start up. Clear graphics display with instructions. AutoSel ct function recognises cuvettes via barcode all necessary settings automatically of more than 150 method data. The RS232 interface transfers data to the user''sPC With real time clock and memory (incl. date/time) for 500 (S6) or 1000 (S12)dat records. Accommodates cylindrical cells, 16mm diameter and rectangular cells(ex ept S6) 10, 20 and 50mm path length. Autozeroing. CE, UL, CUL tested. photoLab S With 6 interference fil ters (photodiode array) for 340 / 445 / 525 / 550 /605 / 90nm ±2nm, 10mm bandwidth. For routine applications with round cuvettes inwastew ter analysis. photoLab S12 With 12 interference filters (photodiode array). 10mm bandwidth. Similar to S6, but w

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