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Finnpipette F1-ClipTip, 12-kanal, 30-300 µl

Varenr. 9282658

Multi channel pipettor F1-ClipTip, variable volume

The innovative ClipTip interlocking technology ensures a complete seal on every channel with minimal tip attachment and ejection force.
Achieve newfound confidence knowing that once attached, your tips are locked firmly in place, and will not loosen or fall off regardless of application pressure. The innovative three interlocking clip design ensures the tip is held securely on the F1-ClipTip pipette only until it is released.
- Tip is locked and sealed in place until ejected, no dropped tips that waste valuable samples
- Complete seal to secure the sample volume in each tip, enhanced accuracy and precision
- Tips are attached and ejected with a light touch, which eliminates the frustration of banging tips on the pipette
- Ergonomic design and Soft-touch tip ejection: Offering low attachment, ejection and plunger forces for safe and comfortable use
- Remarkably lightweight: Modern design protects user from the risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
- Adjustable comfort: The 120° adjustable finger rest for both right- and left-handed operator comfort, allows the hand to relax during pipetting cycles
- Super blow-out: 150% increase in air boost to ensure efficient delivery of micro-volumes and prevent capillary action (Available for models up to 50µl)
- Volume Lock Adjustment for Variable Volume models: The secure volume setting prevents undesirable volume drift during operation
- Industry-leading lifetime warranty: With convenient online registration
- Compliance: The F1-ClipTip pipetting system is CE-marked in accordance with IVD Directive in Europe
- Certifications: Manufactured according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485.
Channels 12
Capacity 30-300 µl
Grad. 1 µl
Accuracy 1.0-5.0 %
Imprecision 0.3-2.0 %
Colour code Orange
Tip ClipTip 300

Producent Finnpipette
UNSPSC Kode 41121503 Manuelle multikanalpipetter med luftdisplacement
stk./pk 1
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