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Formalingskniv til PX-MFC 90 D

Varenr. 9571495

The PX-MFC 90 D is suitable for dry sample grinding in the laboratory. It's possible to change the hammer and cutting Mill sets.

  • The blade grinding attachment is used for processing of dried, stringy and fibrous and grease-free materials. Application: Wood, straw, dried grease-free meat, leather, paper, carbon, synthetic etc.
  • The hammer grinding attachment is used for processing of dried, brittle and grease-free materials. Application: Dried grain, dried beans, bones, rock, ceramics etc.
  • Sieves 0.2mm up to 6mm diameter
  • Safety system prevents start when lid is open
  • Powerful three-phase motor
  • Milling chamber with interchangeable inserts
  • LED display
  • Working volume of 300 ml (Funnel volume)
  • 1000 Watt, 3-phase motor provides a low noise level during operation, with 230 Volt connection
  • Sieves from 0.2 to 6 mm mesh size
  • Integrated speed control with LED display for speed and status messages
  • Speeds from 50 to 6,000 rpm for maximum grinding efficiency
  • The motor cannot be operated when the chamber door is open
  • Integrated overheating, overload and rotor blocking protection
  • Safety stopper for certain grinding materials
Producent Kinematica
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