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Gear pump drives, Reglo-Z / ZS

Drive units can be combined with 14 interchangeable magnetically-coupled pumpheads. Flow rates of 1 to 3290 ml/min. are attainable with pulse-free flow.
Motor speed 50 to 5000 rpm, adjustable in 0.1% steps.
Rotation speed adjustable via 2-digit mechanical push-button potentiometer, with analogue interface.
- Weight 2.1kg (Reglo Z), 2.4kg (Reglo ZS)
- Dimensions : 178 x 100 x 143mm (Reglo Z), 175 x 65 x 80 mm (Reglo ZS)

- Supply requirements: 230V, 50Hz a.c., 50W
Reglo-ZS: Drive and pump head are separated from control unit by a 2m long cable.
-cooling and climatic technology
-water purification
-liquid chromatography
-surface coating
Type Reglo-Z

Producent Ismatec
UNSPSC Kode 40151551 Gear pumps
stk./pk 1
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