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High temperature circulators Unistat® up to 425°C

The dynamic thermoregulation of the Unistat line introduced a revolution in fluid temperature control. Unistats are the ideal solution for fast and highly exact thermal control of external applications, e.g. reactors, autoclaves, miniplants, pilot systems, reaction calorimeters or distillation systems. In comparison to classical circulators Unistats are convincing in their unique thermodynamics for highly exact and reproducible results. The Unistat technology thereby guarantees to always have the shortest heating and cooling times as well as a large temperature range without bothersome fluid changes. There are over 60 models to choose from with cooling powers from 0.7kW to 130kW. What ever the application, Unistats provide professional scale-up offering the same stable process conditions from the development lab to production systems. Unistat temperature control systems make use of a professional range of functions for all requirements. The facilities encompass a colour touchscreen display, with comfortable menu guidance and a real-time graphics display of temperature progress, as well as an intelligent cascade temperature control and high performance speed controlled circulation pump. This is rounded off with a programmer, a ramp function, calendar start, customisable user menus, sensor calibration as well as analogue and digital interfaces.

Advantages and Functions:

  • ideal for isothermal chemical processes
  • the first choice for operational safety with exothermic reactions
  • for demanding temperature applications from -125 °C to +425 °C
  • "volume cooling power" truly powerful, truly compact
  • DW-Therm thermal fluid offers a temperature range from -90 °C to +200 °C
  • with graphic capabilities, multilingual, interactive and easy to use
  • for dynamic and rapid temperature changes
  • with USB and Ethernet interfaces

High-precision and space saving temperature control up to +425 °C. The new high temperature thermostats of the Unistat range set new standards in safety, easy operation, and rapid, dynamic temperature control. The minimal internal volume allows the shortest heat-up times to be achieved. The working life and properties of the thermal fluid are also protected, by avoiding direct contact between the hot fluid and atmosphere. The high temperature Unistats are suitable for temperature control applications up to +425 °C, e.g. a double jacketed reaction vessel (reactor), and pilot plants, as well as the semiconductor Industry and high temperature distillation. They are suitable for maintaining constant high temperatures, or to contain an exothermic reaction at high temperature.

Temperatur [°C] 50-400 °C
Stabilitet ±0,05 °C
Volumen [L] 2.3 ltr.
Varmekapacitet 3000 W
Pumpekapacitet 31 L/min.
Pumpekapacitet 0,9 bar
Dimensioner (bxdxh) 288x379x890 mm
Producent Huber
UNSPSC Kode 41103007 Kølecirkulatorer
stk./pk 1
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