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Homogeniser drive unit, schütt homgenplus

For the gentle homogenisation of biological samples or for grinding tough, rigid material which is difficult to break down. Complete with load-compensating drive unit and universal quick-action chuck, transparent Plexiglas cooling jacket and multi-purpose spanner for centring homogenising vessels of varying sizes. Portable, but highly stable and vibration-free due to its triple-post frame construction, and easy to use. Provides high torque, even at the low speed range, ensuring extremely powerful homogenizing. Continuously adjustable speed range: 40rpm to 3000rpm. Provides reproducible homogenising by maintaining constant rotational speed, which is shown on an easy to read, 4-digit LED display. The fast-action clamping chuck with hollow shaft permits rapid and easy replacement of the pestle and allows pestles with longer shafts to be used. We highly recommend using a quick-grip chuck for glass pestles to minimise lateral movement (and therefore strain) of the glass shaft. The cooling jacket incorporates a clamping holder suitable for Eppendorf test tubes and homogenising vessels with outside diameters from 10mm to 40mm. Sample cooling is easily achieved using ice, which can be introduced into the cooling jacket through a screw capped opening. The homogenising vessel moves up and down in conjunction with the cooling jacket platform and is raised and lowered using a lever jack. The long lever facilitates thorough homogenising without much effort.
For 230V 50/60Hz, 300 W single phase supplies (optionally available for 115V 50/60Hz).

We also offer a sterile alternative for use in a glove box and with infectious material. Details on request.
Type schuett homgenplus, 230 V
External dimensions (W x D x H) 300 x 350 x 888 mm

Producent Schuett Biotec
UNSPSC Kode 41101703 Vævsfindelere
stk./pk 1
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