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Compact refrigerated circulators - Ministat®

Exceptionally compact and powerful, Ministats have been the smallest cooling circulators in the world since 1976. Their compact form allows them to be placed in small spaces, e.g. in a laboratory extraction hood. Compliance with DIN 12876, class 3 allows them to be used unsupervised in continual operation. The maximum ambient temperature is 40 °C.
The powerful variable speed pressure/suction pump can thermoregulate objects in the bath or external applications. The maximum pressure can be controlled using an optional pressure sensor - VPC (Variable Pressure Control) - which protects delicate glassware. The small volume and high power of the Ministats means exceptionally rapid heating and cooling rates are achieved. Optional displacement inserts reduce the bath volume by approximately 50 % amplifying this effect and reducing moisture absorption in the thermal fluid. All models have Active Cooling Control for cooling power control at the maximum working temperature and an automatic cooling power regulation for energy saving operation and reduced heat dissipation into the lab.The bath opening is large enough to allow small objects to be thermoregulated within. All parts in contact with the thermal fluid are made of stainless steel or Polycarbonate.
Ministats have the Pilot ONE with Plug & Play technology (proven since 1980). In the event of service the controller can be simply swapped. Using a data cable the Ministat can be remotely controlled. The Pilot ONE has a state of the art microprocessor controller and a high precision temperature measurement system for exact and reproducible temperature control. The functionality and TFT-display are supported by Easy Control.
Typical applications for the smallest cooling circulator in the world are external closed systems e.g. photometer, refractometer and viscosimeter.

Model Ministat
Temperatur [°C] -40 - 200 °C
Stabilitet ±0,02 °C
Opløsning 0,01 °C
Varmekapacitet 2000 W
Kølekapacitet (20°C) 420 Watt
Pumpekapacitet 22 L/min.
Pumpekapacitet 0,7 bar
Badvolumen [L] 3.2 L
Producent Huber
UNSPSC Kode 41103709 Kølebade
stk./pk 1
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