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The IRiM (infra-red interface modul) uses modern infra-red technology to transmit measurement data from the AL400 photometer to one of 3 optional interfaces. These interfaces can be used to connect to a PC, a USB printer(HP Deskjet 69402) or alternative a serial printer(ASCII printer). The interface which is selected is displayed by an LED function indicator. The user can switch between the interfaces using the „Select" button.

The unit is supplied complete with data logging software providing easy and rapid transfer of data to the PC. As an option the data can be saved as an Excel sheet or a .txt file. Measurement data can quickly be printed out, using a specified USB or alternative a printer with a serial plug-in connected to the IRiM.

Delivery content: The IRiM is delivered ready for use, with the following accessories: USB cable, 4 batteries, screwdriver, CD-ROM, operating instructions and guarantee certificate.

Producent Aqualytic
UNSPSC Kode 41115311 Fotometer
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