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Comparator 2000+ Lovibond Comparator 2000+ is a quality instrument for the visua analysis of colour intensity in analysis samples using Lovibond colour discs. Th integral cell attachment enables cells with a depth of 40mm to be accepted. TheL vibond Nessleriser system provides greater depths by using corresponding accesso y Nessler tubes. This enables the determination of concentrations below the dete tion limit of the Comparator 2000+. The integral prism in the Lovibond Comparato brings the gla ss standard of the colour discs and the colour samples opticallyi to the field of view. The prism is hermetically sealed, preventing the lens from being contaminated. Both the Comparator 2000+ and the Nessleriser are designedin such a way that they c ompensate for cloudy or coloured water samples. Each devic is available for use in daylight or in combination with the artificial daylight unit 2000. Description Nessleriser 2150 with daylight unit 2000 ,For50 ml tubes, path length 113 mm

Producent The Tintometer
UNSPSC Kode 41115318 Kolorimetre
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