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Kuvetteholder SZ 2130 single, 10 mm

Varenr. 9775452

Spectrophotometer UviLine

UviLine 9100 for measurements at VIS-range from 320nm to 1100nm
UviLine 9400 for measurements at UV-VIS-range from 190nm to 1100nm
Wide performance range
- measurements of absorbance, transmission and concentration up to 8 standards
- multi-wavelength e.g. for measurements of DNA/RNA or the determination of protein according to Warburg-Christian
- spectra scan with online graphic and various evaluation functions
- kinetics (short and long term measurements)
Easy accessible accessories are available on request:
Quick-lock system requires no tools.
- 10mm cell holder (standard)
- 10mm cell holder (water thermostatable)
- 10mm cell holder (peltier thermostatable from 15 - 40 °C)
- cell holder from 10mm up to 100mm
- sipper (incl. flow trough cell)
- automatic 5+1 cell changer
Peltier cell holder, sipper and 5+1 cell changer can be fully controlled from the software.
Modern Interfaces
- USB A interface fort the connection of USB-sticks, keyboard or printer. More than 1 device can be conncected at the same time using a USB-hub.
- RS232 and USB-(B)-interfaces for the PC connection.
Technigue: Single beam
Wavelength accuracy :
Wavelength repeatability: &plusminus; 1 nm
< &plusminus; 0.5 nm
Photometric range:
Photometric accuracy:
Photometric linearity: -3.3 to 3.3A
&plusminus; 0.003A (from 0- 0,3 A); 0,5 % from 0.3 to 2.5A
< 1% at 2 A between 340 to 900nm
Stray Light: < 0.1% at 340 and 400nm
Display: Back graphic display with 320 x 240 signs
Data storage: 1000 values; for spectra and cinetics appr. 4 MB
Interfaces: 1 x USB master 1 x USB-slave, 1 x RS232-C
Power supply:
Temperature range: 100 - 260V, 50/60Hz
Operating temp. + 10°C to 35°C, Storage: - 25°C to 65°C
Dimensions (W x H x D) :
Weight: 404 x 197 x 314mm
3.7kg without power supply
Type SZ 2130
Description Cell holder Single, 10mm, (included in delivery of all UviLines)

Producent SI Analytics
UNSPSC Kode 41115311 Photometers
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