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Microplates for Immunoassays (non-sterile)
Diagnosis of disease, pregnancy or verification of doping substances - many analyses in the modern laboratory are performed with immunological assays in microplates. They are characterized by their high specificity and provide the opportunity to detect the lowest concentrations of defined substances in complex liquids like e.g. blood serum.

Optimized for the immobilization of IgG, highest binding capacity for molecules with mixed hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions. The surface of choice for the majority of standard ELISAs.
Strongly hydrophilic, high affinity to hydrophilic molecules like e.g., glycoproteins and peptides, antibodies with predominantly hydrophilic regions and nucleic acids.
Strongly hydrophobic (lipophilic), immobilization of biomolecules with predominantly hydrophobic regions. An alternative to the immunoGrade™ surface for the immobilization of molecules, like e.g. lipoproteins or peptides.

Colours, wells and shapes:
- 96- and 384-well format
- standard, low volume or transparent bottom
- transparent, white or black
- Various well bottom shapes: U-, V-, F-, C-bottom for 96-well format
- clearly distinguishable via color code: blue embossed alphanumeric coding for 96-well standard plates.
- free from endotoxins (< 0.01 EU/ml), DNase, DNA, RNase, non-cytotoxic (according to ISO 10993)
PS, non-sterile. Lipophilic/hydrophobic. For solid phase with hydrophobic molecules and liquid phase with hydrophilic molecules, respectively.
Description 96-well, transparent
Bottom shape/ Well volume µl U / 330

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