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Testo 545 Luxmeter

Varenr. 7057838

Product Description
The testo 545 lux meter for natural and artificial light comes with a permanently attached light sensor, which allows you to measure the light intensity in the workplace, and at offices, schools, and hospitals quickly and reliably. The optional software can be used to compile a light profile from the light intensity readings.At-a-glance look at the benefits of the testo 545 light meter

The testo 545 lux meter can be used for selective and long term light intensity measurements. It has a built-in data logger which can save up to 3,000 readings, and can be used to perform  selective and time-based averaging. The optional testo turbo printer allows you to print out on site.
The optional PC software allows you to set up to 99 measuring sites, allocate the readings to the relevant measuring sites, and connect individually saved readings to form a curve. The light profile obtained from such data provides you with a picture of the uniformity of the lighting. 

Delivery Scope

testo 545 light meter with permanently attached light sensor, calibration certificate, and batteries

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