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Manual Microplate washer Type 200 The 200 Series Washer - the most user friendly anual washer on the market. The user can choose to process the plate either in i s storage position - on top of the pump unit, or down on the benchtop. - quiet a d relia ble operation in a compact modular format. - accurate dispensing and lowr sidual volumes. - adjustable dispense pressure. - filtered pump inlet and silenc d outlet. - fully autoclavable, metal free fluid path. - colour coding for easy aintenance and system modularity. - extremely easy to clean, small footprint,com act in storage. - 8 or 12 way wash heads, optional aspirate probes and fillmanif lds. - optional head designs for paper disc washing. - 12V d.c. remote power sup ly for piece of mind a nd added safety. - CE Marked. Technical specificationOpera ing voltage/Hz: Max current requirement: Dispense reservoir: Waste reservoir: We ght of pump unit: Weight of complete system: Dimensions, W x D x H:(with reservo rs) 100-240V 50/60Hz a.c. 12V

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