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Mini Incubator 4010 and Mini Tube Roller Incubator 4020

Both models are well suited for incubations that require exactly reproducible temperatures in standard and research laboratory applications.
Mini Incubator 4010: also suitable for warming and drying of samples.
Mini Tube Roller Incubator 4020: also suitable for hybridisations that require exactly reproducible temperatures.
Compact, little space required for versatile applications directly on the workbench. Lift-up, transparent acrylic covers permit a clear view of the cultures in the interior cabinet. The units bear the CE mark.
- microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation, temperature range: approx. 8°C above ambient to +60°C, temperature constancy (temporal): &plusminus;0.2°C
- temperature setting and display: digital - LED, in 0.1°C increments
- fan ventilation ensures optimum temperature distribution throughout the cabinet interior
- electronic monitoring of the temperature controller, electronic overtemperature cut-out, with visual alarm at 4°C above the set value, and electro-mechanical >130°C
- soft-touch keys with clear symbols
- Outer casings made of powder-coated, electrolytically galvanized sheet steel
- W/D/H (outside): 280/510/280
- Mains supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz / 0.3 kW (other are voltages on request)
- Net / gross weight: 4010 9.9/11.8kg, 4020 11.8/13.7kg

Mini Incubator 4010: Perforated tray and bottom tray made of stainless steel.
Mini Tube Roller Incubator 4020: Removable bottle rotating device, made of stainless steel, to accept hybridisation bottles from 32mm to 76mm dia. (can be placed individually or in pairs, even with different diameters - the outer axles can be placed into pre-fabricated seats without the use of tools). Even results and high resolutions of the detections even when in continuous use due to its constant frequency of 12rpm.
Type Mini roller incubator 4020
Internal dimensions (W x D x H) 230 x 300 x 140 mm
Max. load 3 kg
Capacity 10 L
Movement type rotating
Speed 12, fixed rpm

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