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Syringeless filters Mini-UniPrep™

The Whatman Mini-UniPrep™ filter provides a quick and easy means of removing particles from HPLC samples. In comparison to other methods the amount of time required for sample preparation is reduced to one third. Mini-Uni-Prep™ is a ready-to-use filter unit consisting of a 0.4ml chamber and a plunger. The plunger contains a filtration membrane at one end and a cap with septum at the other. The plunger is pressed through the sample in the chamber. The pressure generated forces the filtrate into the plunger reservoir, with air escaping through the vent hole until the locking mechanism engages to form an airtight seal. The unit can now be placed in any autosampler and the sample analysed. Alternatively the sample can also be removed manually with a suitable syringe and injected into the HPLC instrument.
Membrane RC
Pore size 0.2 µm

Producent Whatman
UNSPSC Kode 41104921 Laboratorie, membranfilter
Antal 100