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Dispensers Multipette® E3 and Multipette® E3x
The new generation of Multipette®, E3 and E3x, exhibit an enlarged color-display and have an intuitive and user-friendly software. No multiple assignment of keys. The Multipette® E3x has a new aspirate and dispensing feature which allows uptake and volume calculation of an unknown volume with immediate dispense in desired partial volumes. In addition to this, up to 225 different parameter settings can be stored saving programming time for routine applications. A new sleep mode saves energy when the Multipette® E3x is not used.

-Dispensing volumes in long series
-Electronic dispensing with memory functions
-Contamination-free dispensing using positive displacement principle
-Ideal for viscous solutions (e.g. glycerol, oil) or liquids with high vapour pressure (e.g. acetone, ethanol)

Product features, Multipette® E3 and E3x
-Dispensing and pipetting according to positive displacement principle
-Automatic dispensing
-Eight different speed levels for different applications
-One-button tip ejector
-Li-Ion battery
-Selection wheel
-Automatic Combitip® plus tip recognition
-Volume range from 1µl to 50ml
-Charging possible whilst in use
-incl. charging adapter (100-240V), Multipette® E3 / E3x Bundle, additionally with charge stand

Additional Multipette® E3x features:
-Aspirate (pipetting of supernatants)
-Sequential dispensing
-Combined aspiration and dispensing mode

E3 Basic and E3x Basic: only available in exchange for a defective electronic hand dispenser.

Type Multipette® E3*

*incl. 2 Combitips advanced® assortment packs

Producent Eppendorf
UNSPSC Kode 41122801 Stativer eller holdere til pipetter
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