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In Vitro Roller Bottles, TufRol™ and TufRol EZ, PETG, sterile

For industrial scale production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies or pharmaceuticals. In vitro Roller Bottles molded of durable PETG. Excellent substrate for adherent cells. Quick-action ergonomic closure reduces wrist stain and increases productivity. Wide range of sizes with surface areas from 1,050cm² to 4,200cm². Available in both Standard and the patented Expanded Surface (XPS), which enables increased cell growth and product yield without the need to purchase additional production equipment or increase labor. In Vitro XPS Roller Bottles have specially designed pleats that dramatically expand the available growth surface. The pleats are oriented in the direction of rotation to minimise turbulence. Flat panels between sections allow microscopic viewing and expedite drainage during medium replacement and cell harvest. Easy-to-read graduations for medium fills. Lot number is printed on each bottle to maximise traceability. Sterile.
Description pleated surface, non-vented cap
Size 2,5X
Culture surface 2100 cm2

Producent Nunc
UNSPSC Kode 41122105 Rulleflasker
stk./pk 20
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