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Cell Culture Dishes with thermosensitive UpCell™ Surface, PS

UpCell™ Surface enables harvesting of adherent cells by simple reduction of temperature from 37°C to below 32°C.
- Without trypsinization you will get your cells with intact surface proteins for culture passaging, single- cell analyses and cell transplantation reasearch.
- No manual cell scraping to get high viability.
- Enables harvesting of cell sheets and creation of 3D- tissue models held together by normal cell junctions and extracellular matrix deposited by the cells.
- Available in sterile MicroWell™Plate, Petridish or MultiDish format.
- With lids with airvent rims.
- Certified for functionality, sterility, non- pyrogenic and non- toxicity.
6- Well- Multidish and 3.5cm- Dish will be delivered with specific membrane for cell sheet transfer.
Type MicroWell™ plate
no. of wells 96
Culture surface 0.3 cm²
Dimensions 128/86** mm
Working volume 0,2 ml

Producent Nunc
UNSPSC Kode 41122105 Rulleflasker
stk./pk 8
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