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Nunclon Sphera, 96 brønde, klar, flad bund, 400 µl

Varenr. 6264323
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96-well plate Nunclon™ Sphera™

Optimizing spheroid formation

  • Allows cells to grow in suspension with virtually no cell attachment
  • Supports many different cell types and their ability to generate spheroids
  • Enables consistent, repeatable cell growth

Growing 3D cancer cultures

  • Minimizes variability and supports the consistent formation of cancer spheroids that simulate the 3D structures of tumor growth, providing a better model system for studying tumor cell progression and efficacy of anticancer agents in vitro

Promoting formation of embryoid bodies (EB)

  • Demonstrates superior quality for embryoid body formation of pluripotent stem cells with minimal spontaneous differentiation
  • Resultant cells are able to differentiate into all three germ layers


  • Free of animal products
  • Nonpyrogenic: Endotoxin tested (0.5 EU/mL)
  • Biologically inert: USP biological reactivity class VI
  • High level of sterility: SAL 10-6, ethylene oxide gas sterilization
  • Shelf Life 4 years


Producent Nunc
UNSPSC Kode 41122102 Multiwell skiver
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