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Pakningsring til Ø24 mm kuvetter, grå

Varenr. 9699243

Photometer system AL400 With the modern design of the AL400 we have succeeded in ombining the mobility of a portable photometer with the characteristics of a mod rn laboratory photometer. This new unit covers all the important parameters of w ter ana lysis, from aluminium to zinc. The high level of accuracy of Aqualytic® r agents and the user-friendly nature of the instrument guarantee rapid and reliab e analysis of your water samples. Depending on the application, the unit will op rate with tabl et reagents, powder reagents, liquid reagents or tube tests (16 /1 mm). The AL400 operates with 6 interference filters and uses long-life LEDs asal ght-source. No moving parts are involved. The AL400 has a memory, in which up to 1000 data sets can be stored. The optional infra-red interface (IRIM = infra-red interface module) enables data to be transmitted to a computer or printer (RS232 / USB). Highlights: - easy to use - more then 70 pre-programmed methods - automa ic wavelength selection - us

Producent Aqualytic
UNSPSC Kode 41123004 Vakuumesikkatorer
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