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Spectrophotometers, 6700 series

A range of three split-beam instruments:
Type 6700: Visible range scanning (320nm to 1100nm with 4nm spectral band width)
Type 6705: UV/Visible range scanning (190nm to 1100nm with 4nm spectral band width)
Type 6715: UV/Visible range scanning (190nm to 1100nm with 1.5nm spectral band width)

Modes of operation: Photometrics, Kinetics, Quantitation, Multiwavelength analysis and Spectral scanning.

- Fast scanning rate of 1500nm/minute with data collection at 0.1nm intervals
- Up to 20 point calibration for Quantitative analysis
- Multiwavelength mode for DNA/RNA analysis
- Secure Multi-User Operation, full password protection
- Colour (TFT) LCD with Touch-Screen Interface and sealed QWheel™Control
- Full post scan analysis (Peak / Valley pick, Peak Ratios, Area, Zoom, Wavelength table, Derivatives, Smoothing)
- Removable SD / Multi-Media Memory Card, up to 2GB available
- Plug-In Accessory Modules including 6 cell changer, Peltier devices for temperature controlled measurements and sipper systems for high throughput analysis. A full range of cuvette and test tube holders are available.

Pharos PC Software, giving full instrument control and data transfer.
Type for all types
Description Sample chamber with automatic 8-cell

Producent Jenway
UNSPSC Kode 41115311 Fotometer
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