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Ultrapure water purification system MicroPure, ASTM I

Thermo Scientific Barnstead MicroPure ultrapure water purification systems
The Thermo Scientific Barnstead MicroPure systems deliver ultrapure 18.2 water from pretreated feed. The ''micro-sized'' compact and reliable systems were designed for laboratories that require up to 15L/day of ultrapure water for applications such as HPLC or other instrumental analyses, sample preparation, glassware rinsing, or molecular biology work in which endotoxins and/or nucleases would interfere.
Product features:
Smart features
- Backlit display tilts for easy viewing
- Variable speed dispensing
- Optional integrated 6L feed water reservoir so you can place the system without direct access to a water line
- Feed water quality monitoring
- Good feed water quality leads to consistently ultrapure water and a longer cartridge life time
Smart design
- Recirculation pump prevents bacterial growth during standstill and allows for constant monitoring of all system functions leading to the immediate display of fault messages if a problem is detected
- Systems ship fully equipped with pressure reducer, ultrapure cartridge and 0.2µm sterile filter
Superior filters
- Ultrafilter is flushed automatically to assure the highest retention of endotoxins and nucleases, which produces a long two year lifetime
- Validated 0.2µm final filter with folded membrane can be sterilized up to 5 times
Flow rate, max.:
Operating pressure:
Temperature: 1L/min
2 to 6bar
+2°C to +35°C
Resistance at 25°C: 18.2 MWxcm
TOC value (models with UV):
TOC value (models without UV): 1 to 5ppb
< 10ppb
Bacterial content:
Particles >0.2µM/mL: <1cfu/ml
Endotoxins (Models with UF): <0.001cfu/ml
Power consumption: 0.06kW
Feedwater connector: 8mm o.d.
Power supply: 90-240V, 50/60Hz, automatic voltage regulation to 24 V
Dimensions (W x D x H):
Dimensions models with reservoir (W x D x H): 305 x 300 x 545 mm
305 x 400 x 545 mm
Type MicroPure UF/UV-ST
Description Molecular biology, PCR, DNS, IVF, monoclonal antibodies, cell culture

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