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Pure water purification systems Pacific TII

The Thermo Scientific Barnstead Pacific TII water purification systems support daily requirements from 20Litres to 200Litres Type 2 water using tap water as feed source. A 30L, 60L, or 100L polyethylene reservoir is required to store and dispense the pure water. Applications include routine laboratory work: lab glassware rinsing, supplying autoclaves, water baths, incubators and ultrapure water purification systems, preparing and diluting media, buffers and reagents.
Product features:
Multiple options for Type 2 water
Five system options with permeate flows of 3L/hr, 7L/hr, 12L/hr, 20L/hr, or 40L/hr. Future system upgrades accommodate greater capacities to meet growing water demands. Space-saving design permits benchtop installation or wall mounting with integrated mounting bracket.
Operational reliability
Microprocessor controlled for automatic operation with continuous monitoring of all critical parameters. Automatic return to _x001D_ operating_x001C_ mode ensures recirculation during standstill periods. Optional UV lamp prevents biological contamination.
Resistivity/conductivity clearly displayed on large back-lit control panel that tilts for optimum viewing. Status of current operating mode clearly indicating _x001D_ production_x001C_ , _x001D_ stand-by_x001C_ , _x001D_ cleaning_x001C_ modes. Reservoir fill-level shown as %. System parameters are code-protected to prevent accidental changes to set points.
GLP-Compliant documentation
Optional printer connects to RS-232 port for data recording and traceability. Cell constant of 0.01cm-1 ensures precise conductivity measurements. Temperature compensation for the conductivity measurement has an accuracy of &plusminus;0.1°C (in conformity with USP 645).
Pure water Specifications
Operating pressure: 2 to 6bar
Temperature: +2°C to +35°C
Permeate conductivity: 0.067 to 0.1µS/cm (at <30ppm CO2 in feeding water)
Permeate resistance at 25°C: 15 to
Removal bacteria, Pyrogens: >99%
TOC value: <30ppb
Interface: RS 232
Power supply: 90-240V/50-60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H): 372 x 330 x 613mm
Feedwater connector: Tubing 1.5m with 8mm o.d. and R¾'' inner thread
Wastewater connector: ¼'' or 8mm o.d., tubing 2m, pressureless drain
Power Consumption: 0.08kW
Type Pacific TII 7 (UV)
Permeate 7 L/hr

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