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Pure- and Ultrapure water purification system Smart2Pure, ASTM I and II

The Thermo Scientific Barnstead Smart2Pure system is a compact system which converts tap water to into both ASTM Type I and II water. The Smart2Pure 3 and 6 feature a built-in 6L reservoir to store the Type II water. The Smart2Pure 12 offers the choice of a 30L or 60L reservoir for customizable storage capacity.

Product features:
Powerful performance
Based on your requirements, choose from capacities of 3L/hr, 6L/hr or 12L/hr
Lasting economy
Water purification progresses through independent cartridges with Aquastop quick connects for fast replacement
Module 1 - Combination of pretreatment and the reverse osmosis membrane
Module 2 - Polishing cartridge contains high-quality ultrapure resin for consistent purity and long cartridge life
Dispensing is easy and features variable speed to control flow. The display can be tilted for optimal reading. Optional UV bulb and UF ultrafilter to customize ultrapure water
Placement options
Position on laboratory bench or mount it on the wall
Smart integrated 6L reservoir for the Smart2Pure 3 and 6
Constructed with pigment-free materials, conical bottom outlet allows for complete draining and efficient cleaning and disinfection.
Smart2Pure 12 offers reservoir options, either 30L or 60L
Large opening for easy and effective cleaning by hand. Sterile venting filter/reservoir overflow protects against contamination by microorganisms. Optional CO2 absorber prevents TOC value increases from drawn-in CO2. Polyethylene reservoir is opaque to light. Recirculation pump protects the high purity water from bacterial growth during standstills and maintains the low conductivity value. Wall-mount optional for simple space-savings. Conical bottom outlet allows for complete draining and efficient cleaning and disinfection.
Ultrapure water Specifications ASTM Typ I
Flow rate:
Flow rate UF-models: 1.0l/min
Conductivity: 0.055µS/cm
Resistance at 25°C: 18.2MWxcm
TOC value:
TOC values UV-models: <10ppb
1 to 5ppb
Endotoxins UF-models:
Bacterial content:
Particles >0.2µM/ml: 0.005EU/ml
Pure water Specifications ASTM Typ II
Permeate flow rate at 15°C:
Smart2Pure 3:
Smart2Pure 6:
Smart2Pure 12:
3 l/h
6 l/h
12 l/h
Permeate conductivity: 0.067 to 0.1µS/cm
Permeate resistance at 15°C: 15 to 10MWxcm
Power supply: 90-240V/Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H): 305 x 400 x 545mm
Feedwater connector: ¾ inch
Drain connection: ¼ inch
Type Smart2Pure 12 UV
Description Trace analysis, HPLC, ICP-MS, IC

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