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Ultrapure water purification systems GenPure, ASTM I

The Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure systems deliver ultrapure 18.2 water from pretreated feed water for the most demanding and sensitive applications. Applications include molecular biology and microbiology, cell and tissue culture, PCR, DNA sequencing, electrophoresis and analytical chemistry: HPLC, GC, GC-MS, ICP-MS, AA, IC, TOC measurements. GenPure systems product water quality exceeds international standards ASTM Type I, ISO 3696 Grade1, ASTM D1193 and CLSI-CLRW.
Product features:
Flexibility of water dispensing is guaranteed through three different GenPure versions: the standard version with a fixed outlet, the GenPure Pro with an attached flexible dispenser and the GenPure xCAD models with a remote dispenser, which can be either bench or wall mounted. The ergonomically designed controller tilts for the ease-of-use and better visibility. It has a four line alpha-numeric display.
Online TOC measurement with UV intensity monitoring: real-time TOC monitoring allows for measurement of organic substances present in the water. Continuous monitoring of UV intensity removes the risk of false TOC values due to diminished UV intensity. Fault message alerts user when the UV lamp intensity is no longer sufficient for accurate TOC measurements
UV Photo-oxidation 185/254 nm: high performance UV assembly reliably reduces the content of microorganisms and their metabolites
Measurement of conductivity/resistivity: conductivity cells are carefully calibrated prior to each measurement via built-in reference resistance with cell constants at 0.01cm-1cm. Temperature measurements are made by platinum chip sensor with &plusminus;0.1°C accuracy. An additional cell monitors feed water conductivity and prevents the user when it drops below the set value.
Quick-connect cartridge replacement: aquastop quick-connect capability enables cartridge replacement within seconds even mid-operation
Exact dosing: electronic dosing for fully automatic volume control of 0.01L-65L with <0.5% accuracy
GLP-compliant documentation: real-time clock and code-protected operating system prevents unauthorized changes to system settings. RS-232 interface with adjustable send - interval for safe data transfer of all measured data, faults, date and time to a PC or log printer. Digital microprocessor control automatically monitors and stores faults from the last four weeks. USP-compliant conductivity measurement with temperature compensation can be switched on or off.
Ultrapure water Specifications ASTM Typ I
Flow rate, max.:
Operating pressure:
Resistance at 25°C: Up to 2L/min
2 to 6bar
2°C to 35°C
TOC value in ppb (Models with UV): 1 - 5
TOC value in ppb (Models without UV): < 10
Endotoxins* in cfu/ml (Models with UF):
RNase* in ng/ml (Models with UF):
DNase* in pg/µl (Models with UF): < 0.001
Bacterial content :
Particles >0.2µm/mL: <1cfu/ml
< 1
Dimensions (W x D x H):
Dimensions xCAD (W x D x H): 372 x 330 x 615mm
260 x 530 x 725mm
Feedwater connector:
Drainwater connector: ¾'' o.d.
Power Consumption: 0.1 kW
Power supply: 90-240V/50-60Hz
Type GenPure Pro UV-TOC/UF
Description Molecular biology, PCR, DNS, IVF, monoclonal antibodies, cell culture

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