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Drum hoop mixer

The laboratory mixer JEL RRM Mini-II serves to mix products in the form of powder or granules. The drum hoop mixer can also be used to dye plastics, to mix solid and liquid materials and/or for similar tasks. The laboratory mixer's standard equipment includes a 5.5 l mixing container made of Plexiglas®.

By using mixing containers that are mounted in the drum hoop diagonally, a tumbling motion is achieved during mixing. The arrangement of the container walls and the rotation of the drum provide even, three-dimensional shifting of the material being mixed. The RPM of the drum hoop mixer can be adjusted between 5 and 40 RPM without pre-set levels.

Range of application
◾Chemical industry
◾Plastic industry
◾Pharmaceutical industry
◾Food industry
◾Similar industries

Bulk solids
◾Fine powder

◾Stainless steel barrel with 5.0 l and 2.0 l
◾Three-paddle mixing add-on for optimizing the intensity of the mixing action
◾Adapter for use with on-site mixing containers

Convincing facts.
Replacing the mixing container is easy
Containers available on-site can also be used
Laboratory mixer with application-oriented control
Mixer RPM can be adjusted to the product being mixed
Easy to clean
Laboratory mixer with robust design
Modern soft design


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