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Glass microfibre filters, grade GF 6, circles
Glass microfibre filters have a fast filtration and a high loading capacity and particle retention rate. Manufactured without chemical binder from high grade borosilicate glass. (Exception: GF6, GF9). They are suitable for gravity or low suction filtration. Filtration speeds generally very much higher than conventional cellulose papers. Efficient retention of micron size particles. Must be used flat. Ideal for use in flat perforated plate Buchner type funnels (not sintered glass models). Can be used up to 500°C
Wide range of applications including:
-retention of fine analytical precipitates
-retention of biochemical gelatinous precipitates
-water/air pollution analyses
-as prefilters for membranes
-scintillation counting
Retention rate: 99.97 %
Filtration time according to Gurley: 40 s

Diam.: 200 mm
Filtration time: 200* secs.
Weight: 80 g / m²
Thickness: 0.35 mm

*Herzberg Method

Producent Schleicher & Schuell
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