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Shaking incubator specialising in gentle mixing as well as vigorous shaking, GFL Shaking Incubators are used for applications that require exactly reproducible orbital motions and temperatures of up to +70°C, e.g. incubations, fermentations, homogenisations, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies, as well as for bacterial culture. The units bear the CE mark.
Incubation time, temperature and shaking frequency regulation are microprocessor-controlled. Fast and exact temperature setting, exact reproducibility of set values.

  • Built-in RS232 serial interface for remote control of measurement and control tasks via PC, compatible with PC software programme e.g. labworldsoft®
  • Temperature range: from 8°C above ambient to +70°C. Serial cooling coil for operation below ambient temperature. Operation with cooling coil: +20°C to +70°C (dependent on cooling media and ambient temperature)
  • Temperature constancy (temporal): ±0.2°C
  • Soft-touch keys with clear symbols
  • Setting and display of temperature (in 0.1°C increments), shaking frequency and incubation time: digital - LED
  • Optimum temperature distribution throughout the cabinet interior with a ventilator
  • Electronic monitoring of the temperature controller. Over-temperature cut-out: electronical / dependent on the set value, to protect the test substances, and electro-mechanically, to protect the unit. Under-temperature cut-out: electronical, max. 9.9°C below set temperature
  • Shaking motion: orbital, can be switched on and off
  • Silent and robust shaking mechanism with gentle start-up
  • Incubation time: 1 minute to 999:59 hours
  • The microprocessor-controlled timer continuously displays the remaining period of the incubation process and triggers an audible alarm at the finish
  • Supply requirements: 230V 50/60 Hz, 0.8kW (other voltages are available on request)

Type 3033

Two-door design.
Acrylic window panels. Capacity: 2 shaking trays (for vessel heights > 150 mm / 180 mm: 1 shaking tray). Outer casing in powder-coated, electrolytically galvanized sheet steel. Interior cabinet, the insides of the doors and the shaking platform are stainless steel. The frame, permitting the use of two shaking trays, is included. A fluorescent lamp for interior illumination is separated from the interior cabinet by a diffusing screen.

Max. load: 20 kg

Model 3033
Volumen [L] 150 ltr.
Hastighed 10 - 250 o/min
Udsving 25 mm
Indv. mål (bxdxh) 674 x 540 x 430 mm
Udv. mål (bxdxh) 930 x 890 x 820 mm
Vægt 135 kg
Producent GFL
UNSPSC Kode 41104405 Rysteinkubatorer
stk./pk 1
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