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MaxQ 5000 Incubated Floor Shakers, orbital

- Combines Incubated Temperatures with an Orbital Shaker for Large Capacity Applications
- Spacious chamber holds four 6L flasks
- Wide temperature range, 10°C above ambient to 60°C
- Easy-access drain system with quick disconnect fitting permits easy clean up of spills
- Drip pan under platform contains spills
- Foot pedal opens lid for hands free operation
- Retractable foot casters allow easy positioning in the lab
- Observe flask contents without opening the door through a large viewing window
- Access ports for probes, thermocouples or sensors provided through side of cabinet wall
- Triple eccentric drive handles heavy loads, provides uniform agitation and continuous 24-hour operation, even at high speeds.
- View speed, operating time and temperature simultaneously on three individual LED displays.
- Unbalanced load sensor stops platform motion when excess vibration is detected and visual/audio alarms signal until condition is corrected.
- Soft start feature eliminates sudden starts and stops, splashing of vessel contents or wetting of flask closure.
- Retains parameters during power failure and restarts unit automatically after power is restored.
- Over-temperature safety feature with independent thermostat provides additional backup by controlling heat if main temperature controller fails.
- 5 year warranty and 10 year on drive mechanism.
Also available with analog operating system.

Speed range, rpm: 15 to 500 ±1rpm
Temp. range RT +10°C - 60°C °C
Temperature accuracy: ±0.1°C accuracy at 37°
Operating time: 0.1 hour to 999 hours or 0.1 minute to 999 minutes
Dimensions (L x W x H): 813mm x 1041mm x 1041mm
Supply requirements: 240V, 50/60 Hz
Load max. 34.0 kg
Amplitude 25.4 mm

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