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Silo drill Designed for sampling powders, granulates or semi-solids from silos a d vehicle tankers. When bulk goods are transported over a long distance (e.g. by GV) the material can separate out. If a sample is then taken only from the surfa e the r esult may not be representative. With the Silo drill a sample can be draw from deeper levels. The Silo driil is screwed manually into the material and onl opened once at the required sample depth. Depths of up to 2.5 metres can be rea hed by using ex tension rods. The Silo drill is not only suitable for silos, buta so but can also be used in numerous bulk goods containers in the pharmaceutical, hemical, foodstuffs and semi-luxury goods sectors. Spiral diameter: 90 mm, chamb r: diameter 40 mm, cap acity 400 ml. Type Silo drill , Length 1500mm

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UNSPSC Kode 41104019 Opsamlingssystem manifold
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