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FTA Card Accessories

FTA Purification Reagent
Removes haem, PCR inhibitors, and other potential contaminants to ensure superior quality DNA for downstream analysis.

FTA Gene Card Tray
Holds two FTA Gene Cards for use in automatic liquid handling systems.

Sterile Foam Tipped Applicator
Easy-to-use applicator for the noninvasive collection and transfer of buccal cells to FTA Cards.

Harris Micro Punches, Disposable Uni-Core Punches and Cutting Mat
For the precise sample disc removal from FTA Cards. The 1.2mm punches are recommended for use with whole blood and samples with high DNA content. The 2.0mm punches are recommended for use with buccal cells, plasmids, and samples with lower DNA content.

Multi-Barrier Pouches
For transporting or storing FTA Cards. Protects cards from environmental contamination. Tamper-evident seals maintain sample security for forensic samples. A resealable pouch is also available when multiple access to FTA cards is needed.

FTA Card Mailer
A rigid protective card mailer for transporting FTA Cards without biohazard labelling.

Storage Desiccant Packets
Ensure that FTA Cards remain dry during transport or storage. Contains indicator that changes colour to verify moisture adsorption.
Description Sterile Foam Tipped Applicator Swabs

Producent GE Healthcare
UNSPSC Kode 41104900 Filtreringsudstyr til laboratorier
stk./pk 100
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