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Temperature controllers, TEMPAT®-D

For controlling temperature of heating coils, hotplates, ovens, infrared radiators and water baths. TEMPAT®-D has a 10mm high, LED display which can even be seen in dark rooms and allows monitoring of actual temperature at any time. Set point can be entered via a 3 or 4 figure coding switch with 1°C resolution. Built-in sensor breakdown fuse, switching interval display and Xp trimmer to adjust variable gain amplification between 0 and 10K. Sensor connection is via a plug-in socket.

Appropriate temperature sensor please order separately.
If no temperature sensor is ordered, a loose plug is supplied.
Switching capacity: 230V, 50/60Hz
2300W, 10A
Connection, appliance: 1.20M long connection cable with impact resistant plug
Consumer load: earthed schuko socket, other plug-in connections in accordance with Swiss or French/Belgian standards, for example can be supplied at additional cost.
Dimensions: Polycarbonate plastic, gray
188mm x 110mm x 70mm
On/off switch: via dipole luminous rocker switch
Probe connection: via socket
Contact assignment Pt100: 1 and 2
Contact load: 1 + 3
Accuracy: &plusminus;1% from measuring range value
For Probe Pt100
Temp. range 0 ... 400 °C

Producent Messner Emtronic
UNSPSC Kode 41112205 Temperaturregulatorer
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