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Plastic disposable UV-Cuvettes for the UV/VIS range

UV-transparent plastic Brand cuvettes replace fragile glass or quartz cuvettes in many applications that were previously beyond the range of plastic cuvettes. Designed for single use, they eliminate time-consuming washing, and the cross-contamination risk associated with washing and re-using cuvettes. Their very high chemical resistance allows use with most polar solvents, acids and alkalis (e.g. Acetone, Butanone, DMF, hydrochloric acid). The UV-uvette micro has a working range from 220nm - sample volumes as small as 70 µl are sufficient.
The UV-Cuvette is also available in macro and semi-macro sizes for applications from 220nm to 900nm.
- Specially designed for photometric determination of proteins, ssDNA, dsDNA, TNA and oligonucleotides in the UV range.
- Ideally suited for measurements at 260 nm, 280 nm and in the visible range.
- Two different centre heights (8.5 mm and 15 mm) allow use in most commercial spectrophotometers without adapters (for more information please visit the Brand website,
- Round caps provide a tight seal and allow storage of samples at -20 °C.
- Coloured caps are available for easy sample identification.
- Grouped by mould cavity number to minimize extinction value variation.
- Recessed windows protect against scratching.
- Arrow indicates optical path orientation.
Description UV micro cuvette (centre height 8.5 mm)
Path length 10,0 mm
Capacity 70 to 850 µl
Operating range 220 to 900 nm

Producent BRAND
UNSPSC Kode 41121813 Kuvetter
stk./pk 500
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