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Handheld Photometers pHotoFlex series Handheld photometers for use in a wide ran e of areas such as process control, mobile water testing or wine industry. Easy peration with menu driven, user guidance. - Smart cuvette adapter: holds 28 mm o 16 mm ro und cuvettes with height 91 to 104 mm allows a variety of test methodsto be conducted - Optics: LED''s with filters, accuracy < 2 nm, 436 nm, 517 nm, 557n , 594 nm, 610 nm, 690 nm - Concentration, Absorption, Transmission - Methodscanb updated or down loaded from the Internet - 100 user defined routines - 1000 data sets, RS 232 interface - pH range: pH 0 to 16.00 (±0.01) for DIN standardcombina ion electrodes - incl. calibration interval and calibration protocol- Batteries: 4 button cells Optional : LabStation with rechargeable battery and charger, pHoto lex software LSdata for easy data export and lab use, incl. down/upload function . pHotoFlex Turb Generally as pHotoFlex,with additional turbidity measurement:-I light source acc. DIN 27027 /I

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