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Cleanroom tissues MicroPure AP fleece, 305 x 305mm

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Cleanroom Wipes Sontara® MicroPure, polyester/cellulose
Sontara® MicroPure nonwoven styles (woodpulp/polyester) are engineered for cleanroom use and combine absorbency of a natural fibre with the cleanliness and strength of a synthetic fibre in the same fabric. No binders or chemical treatments are used to manufacture them. The high cleanliness and purity are ensured by low extractable level and ion content as well as extremely low particle generation by the material itself. The fabric styles offer high particle and liquid absorbency due to their cellulose content.

Dimensions: 305 x 305 mm
Cleanroom class: ISO 6-9
Pieces: 150

Producent Sontara
stk./pk 150
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